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Photo hunting of bears and other forest animals such as; fox, badger, deer, roe deer and many other bird species ...provide unforgettable experience for every animal lover and nature lover. Experience the unique experience of observation and photography of bears in their natural habitat, in the untouched forest expanses of Croatia that are part of protected European ecological network Natura 2000.

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    Bear photo hunting

    A unique experience of observing and photographing bears in the forest expanses of Croatia that are part of the Natura 2000 ecological network.

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    Photography & Recording

    We offer options for amateur and professional photo hunting or game viewing. The price depends upon the selected option.

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You and your equipment will be transported to the lookout by the CroMedo team with their all-terrain vehicles accompanied by an escort licensed guides.

Sufficient amount of water and food because you may be at the lookout for several hours.

Dress warm and airy, you will spend several hours at the lookout.

1. Arriving at the lookout is only allowed if accompanied by a guide.
2. For your arrival, use outdoor clothing and footwear that will protect you from adverse weather conditions conditions and cold, and enable safe and comfortable movement in the forest area.
3. Take with you sufficient amounts of water and food for the entire time period you want spend at the lookout.
4. Have a hand-held flashlight and a charged mobile phone with you, and your mobile number must be told to the guide so that he can be contacted in case of an unforeseen situation.
6. It is forbidden to leave the room of the lookout until the guide arrives.
7. It is forbidden to throw or leave any food, garbage and other things around the lookout.
8. It is forbidden to disturb the peace of wild animals with noise, banging, etc.
9. In case of conversation, be as quiet as possible.
10. When the animals come, stay calm, the lookout is safe and isolated, so that the animals will not feel your presence or know you're watching them, as long as you follow these instructions.

- Call the guide on the mobile phone contact number
+385 (95) 901 2400 or emergency services at number 112

Animals do not attack humans, except in conditions when it feels their life is threatened, or when it's cubs life is threatened, and avoids contact with humans.
Therefore, do not take actions that would lead to such a situation!

1. Amateur photo hunting or game watching 100.00 € (753,45 kn)
2. Professional photo hunting or game watching 160.00 € (1.205,82 kn)
Fixed conversion rate 1 EUR = 7,53450 HRK
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